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Ramanagara Marathon - On 10 March 2019
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Running For "Old Aged Orphans"
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Ramanagara Marathon 2019

About Ramanagara Marathon 2019

Yellow and Red Foundations team is delighted to welcome you for the 6th edition of Yellow & Red's Ramanagara Marathon is running for " OLD AGED ORPHANS " and its effective reasons.[
  •  Creating awareness: by spreading that we need to care about health and family other than our work and career
  •  Fund-raising: What ever fund we raise from this event will be used to build a OLD AGE ORPHANAGE or will be donated our cooperative trust
  •  Motivation: To motivate caring nature in the young generation by public media and messages
  •  Medicine or Articles Support: Inspiring Cooperative runners, group runners and individuals to donate any articles that would support the orpans
  •  Relationship with Doctors: Medicine and Hospitality is the major thing for an Old Aged Orphan, we would connect more doctors and facilitators so that they would know about us or the cooperative trust information to help us in the future. ]
Our trail track is different from anything you have experienced before. It is a complete recipe of nature, navigating through the range of paths like Tarmac Road - Kutcha Road - Village Route - Mountain Trails - Paddy & Mango Fields and Rocky Terrains.

This event is organized by Yellow and Red Foundations (A registered charitable trust under Yellow and Red Services Pvt. Ltd.), Ramanagara, running for a cause. This is a Non-Profit event.
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