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Instructions & Policies

The Event Rules are in place to make Ramanagara Marathon a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved and to ensure the ongoing viability of the event. It is important to read and understand all the rules prior to the event.

  • 1. The participation in the Ramanagara Marathon is strictly subject to the following age restrictions:
         Redefine 1/2 (21.1K): You should be minimum 18 Years of Age on the event day.
         Rock 11K: You should be minimum 14 Years of Age on the event day.
         Rural 7K: There is no Age limit. But if the participant is under 14 Years he/she must be accompanied by an adult.
         Seniors 7K: Men should be minimum 55 Years and Women should be minimum 45 Years of Age on the event day.

  • 2. Only one applicant can apply for the Event using a single form. Also do not send in more than one entry per person; multiple applications will entail all being rejected.

  • 3. The registrations of respective event category's email confirmations will be sent to all the confirmed participants, who have given their valid email id in the registration form.

  • 4. If you have provided your correct email id on the registration form, you will be sent an email confirmation. If you do not receive any intimation, then please contact our event helpline number or email us at Please verify by checking your mails in spam folder before you contact our office.

  • 5. The running number Bib is mandatory for your participation of event day and will have to be personally collected by you at the designated locations which will be communicated to you by email.

  • 6. In the event of your inability to collect your running number bib, the same can be collected by your representative. Your representative has to carry photo copy of your govt. issued photo id (any) along with printed copy of the email confirmation/ website confirmation/ original acceptance letter.

  • 7. The provided identification runner's bib must be worn visibly at all times during the event preferably on the front of the torso.

  • 8. Bib number once issued cannot be changed and is not transferrable.

  • 9. Any participant who is either injured or exhausted must be brought to the nearest Energy Station for assistance. All participants' runner bibs would have the emergency phone number printed. For any assistance teams are advised to call the emergency contact number state the emergency and also the exact location between Energy Stations.

  • 10. Do not litter. Participants and support crews must respect the environment and local neighborhood by using the litter / recycling bins at the Energy Stations.

  • 11. Smoking and consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden on the trail and at Energy Stations.

  • 12. Participants are requested to respect residential and local parking regulations.

  • 13. The event venue and route will be heavily marshaled by the volunteers and you are expected to follow their instructions in all eventualities, failing to do so will result in your participation being cancelled and no refund of your registration fees will be made.

  • 14. Participants wishing to withdraw during the event must first report to the nearest Energy Station.

  • 15. You are expected to behave in socially appropriate fashion on event day. In the event you are found to be behaving inappropriately your registration will be cancelled and you will be escorted out of the venue. In such an event you will not be entitled to a refund of your registration fees.

  • 16. There are limited parking spots available on event day and these will be allotted to individuals on a first come first serve basis.

  • 17. There is a facility to store your baggage at the event venue however the organizers cannot be held responsible for the safety of your baggage or belongings and this is a service provided on a best effort basis only. For reasons of safety, please ensure that you do not deposit any expensive items.

  • 18. It is your responsibility to wear appropriate footwear & clothes suited to run on trail roads. Please note that wearing inappropriate footwear or running barefoot can lead to grievous injury.

  • 19. All participants will be issued a certificate and Medal during the closing ceremony.

  • 20. A participant who participates without BIB number will not be considered for Medal and Certificate after crossing the finish line.

  • 21. The event officials reserve the right to change the course and other aspects of the event without advance notice. Please note that all decisions made by the event officials and/or medical team are final.

  • 22. There will be no cash or other alternative to the prize offered and prizes cannot be transferred or sold by winners.

  • 23. Online entries: The promoter cannot guarantee continuous uninterrupted or secure access to the website and is not responsible for any disruption to the promotion or the website due to technical problems or otherwise due to events outside of its reasonable control.

  • 24. To enter we will ask you to register your personal details with us. Your personal details will be used in accordance with the current published Privacy Policy and may be passed to our agents to administer the promotion and send out prizes. Personal details will only be used for marketing purposes if you have consented to receive future marketing from Every Can Counts (you may have already done this if you have registered your details with us previously).

  • 25. The promoter reserves the right to disqualify late misdirected incomplete corrupted lost illegible or invalid entries.

  • 26. The right to participate in the event & the rights and benefits available to an applicant is at the sole discretion of the event Promoters Ramanagara Marathon and cannot be transferred to any other person under any circumstances. The applicant alone shall be entitled to the rights and benefits arising out of such confirmation of participation.

    Summary of general guidelines + Hazards and risks:

    "It is better to follow the dictates of your body — not your ambitions!"
    • 1. Every entrant should understand that participating in Ramanagara Marathon is at the participant’s own risk. Ramanagara Marathon is also among one of the physically challenging running events in Karnataka and running it presents numerous medical risks, few of which can be extremely serious or on rare occasions fatal.

    • 2. Prior to the run, each runner is strongly encouraged to consult with his or her own doctor about any physical or medical potential limitations. Adequate physical and mental conditioning prior to the rune is mandatory. If you have not been able to prepare properly, it is best to not attempt the run.

    • 3. Please keep in mind that inspite of having experienced medical personnel at various points along the course, the difficult accessibility of some of the routes may make it impossible for any of our medical assistance to reach the runner immediately. At selected aid stations, at the start of the run and at the finish line, the medical staff will focus on how the runner feels and looks but ultimately runners must understand their own limitations.

    • 4. It is important for each entrant to recognise the potential physical and mental stresses, which may evolve from participation in this event. Runners may be subject to extremes of heat and cold, hypothermia, hyperthermia, dehydration, hypoglycemia, hyponatremia, disorientation and mental and physical exhaustion.

    • 5. Please also understand that rescue, medical decisions and actions may have to be taken on your behalf under extreme time constraints and adverse circumstances and that event management will never be responsible for any debts incurred. We will make the best efforts to give assistance at all time but ultimately and primarily you are in charge. Be careful, be responsible, and do not exceed your own abilities and limitations. In the event that a runner requires emergency evacuation, the runner assumes all financial obligations connected with this service.

    What to do in an emergency or coming across and injured runner?

    • 1. In an emergency the participant shall give a series of short blasts on their whistle. Any team hearing a distress signal must abandon their course and help in any way needed.

    • 2. If an incident occurs, please contact one of the Energy Station staff or a bike patrol volunteer, or a medical/safety officer on the course. They will radio one of the safety personnel to respond, or will call in an ambulance.

    • 3. If someone is hurt then wait for the next participant to arrive and send them forward (or backwards if closer) to the nearest Energy Station The marshal will make contact with the paramedics directly or via the Event Director/Managers. Once contacted wait at that point till the paramedic team arrives and lead them to the injured person.

      In no circumstance leave the injured person alone.

    Cancellation and Refund Policy:

    • 1. No request for cancellation will be entertained regardless of circumstances once the registration is completed.

    • 2. No request for a refund of registration fees will be entertained regardless of circumstances. If the event is cancelled due to any unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the organizers, the registration fee paid by you for participation will be adjusted towards your participation on a new date. In the event of you being unable to participate on the new date, you will not be eligible for a refund.

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