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Kirankumar Betageri

Kirankumar Betageri

Kiran works as a IT professional in Bangalore and is an avid fitness enthusiast and professional too. What started as a 10K run at Ramanagara in 2015 has led to enjoyable journey with benefits so vivid and wonderful. Journey of being a regular IT professional to becoming a fitness pro was transformational and self-revealing. He believes fitness is key to happiness. Kiran has recently finished Ironman Goa 70.3. The preparation for Ironman have taught a great deal and given him more confidence in his daily walk of life. Managing job, family and his fitness interest was demanding in every aspect. He believes in what Steve Jobs once said “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become”. Though started as runner he is now triathlete and coach motivating lot of people.

His achievements in the walk of fitness are:

  1. 10K in 44 minutes in NICE road(2019)
  2. 21K in 1:38 minutes in Belagavi Half marathon(2019)
  3. TMM full marathon in 3:56 minutes(2019)
  4. Ironman703 Goa 6:19 minutes(2019)

He is now aiming at competing in Full Ironman in 2021.

His message to all participants and people who have decided to stay fit and stay healthy:

  1. Fitness is a journey enjoy it. It has no age limit and neither it limits based on your religion, gender nor on your color. Like Kipchoge says, Human is Unlimited. Your step towards fitness is step towards happiness.
  2. Running particularly has transformed his life in all aspects and believes it can have the same effect on everyone.
  3. Start your journey with a goal. Set a goal, plan it. Starting with goal based on your health level and gradually scaling up keeps you motivated and helps you stay injury free.
  4. Be regular and adopt healthy lifestyle like food habits, sleeping hours etc. these are important to achieving overall fitness.

Wishes all participants a wonderful run at Ramanagara. Please participate and enjoy the beauty of a village and everlasting impression you will leave on the kids cheering you during the run. And most of all best place to start your fitness journey.

Our slots are full and participation registration is closed.

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