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Anoop A Shetty

Anoop A Shetty

Anoop A Shetty from rural background and he have done his basic schooling in Kannada medium. His father is a farmer and mother is homemaker. He didnot joined any coaching classes for his studies.

His achievements

  • He was awarded JRF during M.Sc. and SRF during Ph.D. by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).
  • Represented university in athletics (High Jump)
  • Hobbies are writing, reading books and “Yakshagana”(A theatre art of coastal Karnataka).


He didnot have enough resources to complete his education; neither he didnot have knowledge or exposure to pursue his career. Many people who were not related to him helped in all these years. So he could reach this far because of help, support, guidance and encouragement extended by these people. His higher education was sponsored by government through fellowships. his passion is civil services is the best way to serve the society. In addition to this, the success stories of his seniors created interest in him and gave him the confidence that anybody can do this. Civil services were beyond the reach till he completed his graduation. It was only in 2007, he started thinking of trying civil services. So, late starters need not be skeptical about their success.

Study Momentum

If you have a strong reason for ‘Why you want to join civil services’, then there is no need of external motivation. So, one should find a reason to keep themselves motivated. In my case, it was my struggle in life that kept me motivated. I have faced a lot of problems throughout my life. After overcoming all those hurdles, I wanted to achieve the best. Whenever I get depressed, I used to think of my past and in the very next moment I’m back to business.

I wish all participants a wonderful experience. Please participate and enjoy the beauty of a village and everlasting impression you will leave on the kids cheering you during the run.

Our slots are full and participation registration is closed.

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