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Vinayak Joshi

Janardan is a true example of active ageing. An active senior citizen who cycles, runs and treks. He is also an avid green campaigner and practices what he believes in. He believes in cycling or walking everywhere because it doesn’t add to the pollution. In fact, in the last 25 years, this South Bangalore resident has always cycled to his bank in RT Nagar, in the northern part of the city!

Cycling from one end of Bangalore to another is nothing unusual for Janardan, who will turn 83 in June 2016. In fact cycling across districts isn’t a challenge for him either. In 1997, at the start of his cycling stint, Janardan, who had been diagnosed with epilepsy a year or so earlier, decided to prove his doctor wrong and cycled all the way to Hassan, almost 180 km away from Bangalore. He was 64 and hasn’t looked back since.

Janardan started running at the age of 72, starting with a Mysore to Madikeri run. He has run three full marathons in Mumbai, two in Bangalore and one in Dubai apart from several running events in other cities and taken part in events like duathlons (cycling/running). “I’ve completed 20 half marathons and 6 ultra marathons,” he adds. In December 2014, he completed a vertical marathon in Mumbai, clocking 7 minutes and 58 seconds to run up a flight of 1,250 stairs! He followed it up with a second one in Almas Towers Dubai, where he climbed 1600 stairs (64 floors) in 22 minutes.

And there is no stopping this incredible man, who has also gone on treks to Kailash Mansarovar, Roopkund and Hemkund. Cycling remains his primary passion though. “3,86,600 km is the distance between the earth and the moon. I have cycled 3,46,000 km until now (February 2015) and will cover the rest soon,” he says with justifiable pride.

He was also 'Face of the Event' for our Mysuru event 'Mysuru Marathon 2015'. Inspired by his modesty and his enthusiasm, we are pleased to associate with him again for Ramanagara Marathon 2015 as 'FACE OF THE EVENT - SENIORS 21K RUN'.

Vinayak Joshi

Vinayak Joshi

I was a child artist who was known for my hefty personality n screen. Over a period of time my charm as an innocent child faded away and was left of weight. Even before i realized i was fat i was weighing 122 kilos. sometime in august 2009 i decided to change my appearance as i was tired being a piece of fat man jokes. Slowly picked running every day for 500 meters. i was flexible and agile even when i was fat. slowly my running distance increased day by day which led me to sign up for a 10k challenge in Oct 2009.

Later i met Ajit Thandur an ace runner in the running community. He inspired me to run longer distances.I started running with Jayanagar Jaguars and have participated in more than 70 running events in the last 6 years. Over a period of one year i lost close to 32 kilos just by running and minimum cycling. overall i lost close to 42 kilos in one and a half years by reaching my all time least weight of 80 kilos. My dearest Running mate inspired to continue running. We traveled and ran together.

I have completed (approx) 1000 kilometers of running only by participating in various events. I might have ran close to 4000 kilometers till date. Have pushed many of my Friends, folks and family to take up running as a sport. Never claimed to be a pro runner, I run for the joy that get out of it. your heart beats at 130-160 bpm for hours, until you stop running. It is like meditation, a composed sport that gives you a space which is very silent, personal and a pleasant high which can only be experienced within.

I have ran 30 Half Marathons.
Two 25kms - Blore Ultra.
Two 50kms (unfinished)- Blore Ultra.
More than Thirty 10km runs.
Cycled Blore - Mys for 5 times.

Using Facebook, I have raised funds to help the needy #runforakshay. please google for it.

Due to an accident, My ACl was torn completely. I was operated and Re-Constructed by Dr.Raviraj. Since then, running came to a stall. Was away running shoes for almost 6 months. After a successful rehab i have started my running career again. Have finished Three half Marathons and a few 10km Eents post my surgery. Slowly getting on groove, will be there soon.

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