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Volunteer offerings

  • ♦  Free Transportation from Bangalore.
  • ♦  Free Breakfast coupon will be distributed.
  • ♦  Free Volunteer T-Shirt will be distributed.
  • ♦  Certificate will be issued at the end of the event.
  • ♦  Free participant Reg. for next Ramanagara Marathon.

Volunteer Guidelines

  1. You don't need any prior experience to volunteer for Ramanagara Marathon 2016.
  2. Relevant training will be provided to the volunteers for their respective roles.
  3. Volunteers are expected to be present at the venue by 5:30AM on the event day.
  4. Volunteers are requested to carry a photo ID with them at all times during their assignment.
  5. Volunteers must wear the Ramanagara Marathon 2016 volunteer T-shirt provided to them.
  6. If at any time during your assignment you have a problem, notify your volunteer patrol immediately, who will inform the proper authorities.
  7. Be prepared and flexible for the half day event as there might be reassignments of your tasks.
  8. Volunteers working at Energy Stations or Catering will be given gloves that must be worn at all times.
  9. As a volunteer, take pride in your role. Familiarize yourself with the course maps and start/finish diagrams and all weekend event.
  10. Decision on volunteer selection and the criteria for selection will be at the sole discretion of the organizers.
  11. Enjoy your time as a volunteer – have fun! You are one of the big reasons that race participants love coming back every year.


Sorry, We couldn't find the information you are look for. It seems no one has registered yet. Be the first to register as an Volunteer.

Our slots are full and participation registration is closed.

Sorry to those friends who missed..

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Our Price: Rs.849.0
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